Start by setting up your mobile phone at

Once you're connected you can text any link from any website to 1-657-500-4438

The gift's link will be saved in your Inbox for you to review. You'll get a text back from us letting you know it worked.

Tip: Save our SMS number as a contact to make it easier to add gifts in the future.


There are a few things to know:

  • SMS connectivity is currently supported in the US and Canada
  • Sending SMS messages to Gift Hero is exactly like sending text messages to your friends and family: it’s very easy, but depending on the plan you have with your phone carrier, it may not be free. Standard text & data rates may apply.
  • This feature only works with mobile phones that support SMS

Disconnect SMS

If you no longer want this feature enabled, it’s very easy to disconnect:

  1. Go to the Phone/SMS section in your profile
  2. In the box that says ‘SMS connected’, click the ‘Disconnect SMS’ link
  3. In the confirmation box that appears next, click ‘Disconnect’

That’s it! If you change your mind, it’s easy to reconnect SMS in the future.

Questions? Contact us anytime at

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