We like to make this part especially convenient, so there are a handful of ways to add a gift. First you need to create a wish list.

Copy & Paste a URL

Go to your wish list and tap Add a Gift. Paste the URL of any product on the web into the box provided. Check over the price, name, and picture and then save it. You can also select Add a Gift > Create a Gift to write in anything you want or need.

Mobile App

Adding gifts from your iPhone or Android phone is easy with the Gift Hero Add to Wish List app. Download the Gift Hero mobile app

Browser Plugin

Browsing on a computer? Install our custom browser plugin button. When you are on a webpage with the gift you like tap the Gift Hero icon on your browser toolbar and follow the prompts. It’s kinda magic… you should try it!

Copy a Gift

You can copy a gift from one wish list to another, even from other people's wish lists… that's right, we’re encouraging your inner copycat. When you are viewing a gift’s details, there is a dropdown menu with the option to Add to my wish list when viewing someone else’s gift or Copy to a wish list when viewing your own item. Any way you choose to add a gift is just fine by us!

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