Public vs. Private Link


A Public Wish List can be viewed by anyone, making it more likely for you to receive gifts.

Private Link

A Private Link Wish List is visible only to those with whom you share the link to your list.

Public and Private Link lists can be viewed by anyone who has the URL, whether they are logged in to Gift Hero or not.

Wish lists set to Private Link will never appear on your profile page or in search results.

How to Change Your Wish List’s Privacy Settings

  1. Logged in to your Gift Hero account, go to the wish list where you would like to change the privacy settings
  2. Tap the blue "List Options" button under the list’s title
  3. Tap "Edit Wish List"
  4. Choose either the "Public" or "Private Link" button to change the privacy setting
  5. Tap the "Save Change" button
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