Adding Gifts

Setting a default currency

Set a preferred currency to save gifts with the correct price

Gift Hero uses US currency by default for saving and displaying prices.

You can set a preferred currency under Account Settings. This will help us select the correct currency when you save products using our browser extension or our mobile app. It will also become the default when you paste a URL or create a custom gift.

If your currency isn’t currently supported, please send us a message using the chat icon, or email us at [email protected].

Gift Hero app for iOS and Android

Gift Hero has an app and it’s available for iOS and Android devices.

With Gift Hero Add to Wish List, you can quickly and easily add gifts to your wish lists from websites and apps without leaving them.

You can find the links to download the app here.

Creating Gifts

When you tap “Add a gift to this wish list” you will see two options. One is to copy and paste the URL, the other is, create a gift. Create a gift allows you to create a custom gift addition. This means you can add something that does or does not have a link online. The item’s information is completely customizable, you can even upload your own image! Watch this quick video to see “create a gift” and “share” in action.

Can I add products from any site?

You bet! Add any item that can be found online. We’ve also made it possible for you to create a gift in case you want an item that does not have a specific weblink associated with it. For example: you may want your friends and family to know you’d like a babysitter, or a gift card to the local store that isn’t yet online.

How do I add an item?

You can easily add items to Gift Hero from anywhere in a variety of ways – copy & paste, browser extension, text message, and more.

We like to make this part especially convenient, so there are a handful of ways to add a gift. First you need to create a wish list.

Copy & Paste a URL

Go to your wish list and tap Add a Gift. Paste the URL of any product on the web into the box provided. Check over the price, name, and picture and then save it. You can also select Add a Gift > Create a Gift to write in anything you want or need.

Mobile App

Adding gifts from your iPhone or Android phone is easy with the Gift Hero Add to Wish List app. Download the Gift Hero mobile app

Browser Plugin

Browsing on a computer? Install our custom browser plugin button. When you are on a webpage with the gift you like tap the Gift Hero icon on your browser toolbar and follow the prompts. It’s kinda magic… you should try it!

Copy a Gift

You can copy a gift from one wish list to another, even from other people’s wish lists… that’s right, we’re encouraging your inner copycat. When you are viewing a gift’s details, there is a dropdown menu with the option to Add to my wish list when viewing someone else’s gift or Copy to a wish list when viewing your own item. Any way you choose to add a gift is just fine by us!

What is the Gift Hero browser plugin?

The Gift Hero browser plugin button is a super quick and easy way to add gifts when using your desktop computer.

The Gift Hero browser plugin button is a super quick and easy way to add gifts when using your desktop computer. Our plugin is available for Safari, Chrome, Explorer 11, and Firefox. Once installed, the plugin button will appear in your browser toolbar as a gift icon with an “H”.

Then, when you are browsing a gift on any retailer’s site, simply click the Gift Hero button in your toolbar. (If you’re not signed into your Gift Hero account, you will be required to do so.) Like magic, the gift’s details will appear, just follow the prompts to save the item to your wish list. It’s as awesome and easy as that!

There was a problem with the information that loaded when adding a gift, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear that. We are always working to improve the technology we use to grab a gift’s information, but sometimes there is a glitch. You can try again, or manually add the correct information to an item. Always feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Please provide as much information as possible when communicating the issue you experienced. This will help us improve!

How many gifts can I add?

Add as many gifts as you like, it’s entirely up to you!

Can I add a gift card to my wish list?

Absolutely. With some websites you can add the link to the gift card and make a note of the dollar amount you are requesting in the Gift Details field.

Can I ask for an item that doesn’t exist online?

You sure can! When you click or tap Add a gift to this wish list, there is an option to Create A Gift, just follow the prompts. You can even upload your own image.