Confirming Gifts

Gift Hero makes it easy to keep track of gifts you want from anywhere on the Internet.

Every website is unique and offers different ways to purchase and ship items. Since every site is different, we let them do what they do best – sell and ship the gifts. Luckily, it’s easy to mark a gift as confirmed on Gift Hero once you make the purchase.

Clicking the “Buy” or website link on a gift’s page will open up a new browser tab or window with the gift’s website. Once you purchase the item on the original website, simply go back to the Gift Hero tab. You will see a window asking to confirm if you bought the gift. Click “Confirm” if you did, or “Cancel” if you were just taking a peek.

Confirming a gift will let other people viewing the wish list know that the gift was already purchased.

How can I see who confirmed a gift for me?

You can see who confirmed a gift for you by:

  1. Visiting “Confirmed Gifts” in your “My Gift Hero Section”
  2. Tapping the “For You” link
  3. You will see a Spoiler Alert screen letting you know that you are about to see all gifts that have been confirmed for you. If you’d like to continue, click the “Reveal Confirmed” button.
  4. You will see all of your gifts that have been confirmed and who confirmed them

Removing a Confirmation from a Gift

How to unconfirm a gift you marked as purchased

There are times you may need to remove a confirmation from a gift. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the gift page
  2. Below the price of the gift you will see the text “Your purchased 1 of this gift. Change.” Tap the “Change” link.
  3. In the window that appears, select the drop-down and change the number from 1 to 0.
  4. Tap “Confirm” to update

This will mark the gift as unconfirmed.

How do I confirm a gift from someone’s Gift Hero wish list?

When you view someone’s wish list and you choose a gift to purchase for them, simply click or tap on the item to view its information. You will see a new page with details on the gift and a green Buy button. When you click or tap the Buy button, a new tab will open to the website where that item is sold. At this point you will be outside of the Gift Hero website and all interactions and transactions will be with that retailer. When you do go back to the Gift Hero tab in your web browser, you will see a window asking Did you buy this item? with the option to select Yes or No.

Keep reading if you have questions about what happens by choosing either option.

What happens if I click or tap “Yes” when I confirm a gift?

That gift will be marked as confirmed when anyone other than the list owner views that item. The list owner will always have the option to see which gifts have been confirmed on their behalf, but we do warn them with a spoiler alert. In addition to that gift being marked as confirmed within the list, that gift will now appear in Confirmed by you. That way you will always have a record of the items you have purchased from lists on Gift Hero.

*Any exchange of funds on a 3rd party retailer site are not the responsibility of Gift Hero.

What happens if I click or tap “No” after confirming a gift?

That gift will remain as an unconfirmed item within its wish list, and you will not have a record on Gift Hero of making that confirmation. Any exchange of funds on a 3rd party retailer site are not the responsibility of Gift Hero. We do recommend that you mark a gift as confirmed so a duplicate purchase is not made by another person.

You will not be notified when a gift has been confirmed from your list. However, if you request a quantity of more than one of an item, you will be able to see how many have been confirmed when viewing that gift. You do have the option to see what gifts have been confirmed for you, but if you’ve got the willpower, you do not have to peek! Some of our users find the option to view gifts confirmed for them especially helpful for writing thank you notes after an event.

To avoid duplicate purchases, others who view your gifts will be able to see when a confirmation has been made of any quantity.

Is there a record of gifts I’ve confirmed for others?

Yes, simply go to the Confirmed by you page and you will see every purchase that you have confirmed through Gift Hero.

Will the list owner be notified when I confirm something for them?

No, we like surprises way too much!

Do I have to sign up to buy someone a gift from Gift Hero?

You do not. However, you will not be able to mark that gift as confirmed. For this reason, we do recommend that you sign up so there are no duplicate purchases made of that gift.

What if I have an issue with an item purchased from a Gift Hero list?

When you purchase any gift found on Gift Hero you are buying it directly from the retailer and any issue will have to be resolved with that retailer.